My students are very talented.

【Beside VS Besides】你知道它們分別嗎? D. 上載、張貼、傳輸或散佈任何含有電腦病毒或任何對電腦軟、硬體產生中斷、破壞或限制功能之程式碼之資料; Q:下面兩句的意思有所不同嗎? Then I left it,feeling a weight at my heart such as (which)I had never had before. 英文庫有限公司 版權所有 © 2020 (O) Bring items such as soda, chips, and ice cream to the sleepover. 我喜歡做運動,例如跑步和游泳。, Nobody enjoys running errands such as go to the post office.

John was not such a student as would bully his classmates. such as. (For example用在句末,接著解釋與下一句的關聯。這邊解釋不同的人有不同才藝及專長。像是我很會彈鋼琴,而姊姊很會打籃球。), Such as和like一般用來舉「兩個以上」的例子,但不包含所有的例子,其中Like是非正式的用語(informal),在撰寫論文、公司文案時最好還是用such as 就好!, 位置及用法﹕ 出現在例子前。要記得注意such as後面不能接完整的句子,只能接著列出例子;另外如果such as後面的例子是多於一個的話,就必須在such as前面加上逗號,例如﹕.

有位網友寫 e-mail 問筆者 as (準關係代名詞) 和 that (關係代名詞) 在 such 之後的意義有何不同。筆者就以下面兩個例句來做說明: This is the same pen as I lost.

E. 干擾或中斷本服務或伺服器或連結本服務之網路,或不遵守連結至本服務之相關需求、程序、政策或規則等,包括但不限於:使用任何設備、軟體或刻意規避看 希平方 - 看 YouTube 學英文 之排除自動搜尋之標頭 (robot exclusion headers);, 服務中斷或暫停 Things such as cigarettes and alcohol aren’t good for your health. I enjoy songs such as this one.= I enjoy such songs as this one. 人們通常會在國定假日,例如農曆新年,安排旅行。, In this zoo, you’ll see many rare animals, such as white rhinos and Siberian tigers.

她和她母親非常像。, 例:She looks best in bright, vibrant colours, like red and pink.(這裡當做「比如、諸如」的意思) Air, for example, is comprised mainly of nitrogen and oxygen. 她穿鮮亮顔色的衣服最漂亮,如紅色和粉色。, 例:The blackbird, like most birds, breeds in the spring. (O) I love sports, e.g., basketball, baseball and tennis. © 2020 Tomato Yip All Rights Reserved.

Air is comprised mainly of nitrogen and oxygen, for example.

soda, chips, ice cream, etc. ⭕️ Not all mammals live on land, some mammals, _______ dolphins and whales, live in the water. I answered yes to line 6 because they withheld federal tax from my.husbands paychecks.I just want to … 在這間動物園你會看到很多珍稀動物,例如白犀牛和西伯利亞虎。, 相對來說,如果舉例的內容會影響句子意思的表達,就是「限定」的用法——不需要加逗號。, They don’t like to eat vegetables such as carrots and green peppers. (1) I run every day to lose weight. 像珍妮和艾咪這樣的女孩,很友好。, 例:A plan such as you propose will never succeed. ⭕️ 他們不喜歡吃像是紅蘿蔔和青椒之類的蔬菜。, 在上述的句子中,如果我們把 “such as carrots and green peppers” 拿掉,便無法更精準地讓對方知道是「哪些蔬菜」,而且會讓人誤會他們是不喜歡吃「所有的蔬菜」,因此這句話算是「限定」的用法。, Fruits such as mangos and pineapples don’t grow at this altitude. such的中文意思是指「如此、這麼...」的意思,such的用法很多變,比方說such as跟as such...等等,其中such as 的英文用法跟like很像。 下面列舉出such/like/such as/as such的英文用法、英文例句跟中文意思,趕快學起來吧! 1.such 如此,這麼 such 的中文意思是指「如此,這麼」的意思。 例:That's such … 本服務或協力廠商可能會提供連結至其他網站或網路資源的連結。您可能會因此連結至其他業者經營的網站,但不表示希平方與該等業者有任何關係。其他業者經營的網站均由各該業者自行負責,不屬希平方控制及負責範圍之內。, 兒童及青少年之保護

Her sickness is not such as to cause distress.

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