Andrea Norsa, Head of Digital at ESMO. Zoom unifie la vidéoconférence sur le cloud, les réunions en ligne simples et la messagerie de groupe en une seule plateforme facile à utiliser. ", "When getting speakers to use this platform they find it a bit confusing so we need to do a few run throughs on how to use it. Avantages: Remo Conference has helped my team grow from 2 to 10 in spite of the pandemic. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. As others are scrambling to provide webinars, my team has been able to provide meaningful, connective experiences that feel like actual in-person networking. Excellent graphic interface, concept of tables makes participants feel more connected, good for networking events. When first finding Remo in August of last year, I knew it was something special but I wasn’t quite sure why. When you enter, all you have to do is click on a table and start talking! Getting Started With Remo. I was able to meet with the [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] directly and hearing his pitch and the reason behind creating Remo. So, say I'm talking to [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] in a private chat. YesEvents n'est pas seulement une entreprise qui crée des logiciels, c'est une entreprise qui s'intéresse aux personnes. I was able to meet with the [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] directly and hearing his pitch and the reason behind creating Remo.

This weekly remote team meeting has proved extremely beneficial in many ways: Every employee is made aware of what’s happening on a company-wide level.

Good communication from company about updates and new features, basic user guides are shared for distribution. Inconvénients: Customization – Make the Remo platform your own and unique to your event. Learn More; Remo Product. Bought the premium subscription to potentially use for a training program, but cancelled after one month due to tech issues with audio and insufficient security for our purposes. Here at Remo, we have a company-wide weekly meeting specifically for this purpose. For example, if I am planning a company workshop, I can name each table something different like “Human Resources” and the next “Growth Team” so that the conversations can happen within each team. The avenues for customization are virtually limitless. Great for networking and getting people to talk to each other. 1.

So, say I'm talking to [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] in a private chat.

Communication – Communicating in a virtual event has never been easier! VR networking platforms seem like they may be a neat experience, but for the average user who needs to get work done over extended periods, Remo is the way to go. Being able to use the platform to network and work on projects with other artists has been amazing. On the left edge of that chat window you would see a bar that runs the length of the chat window that has a condensed version of the chat overview window (the one that shows General Chat, Table Chat, and Private Chats). Zoom simply does not provide a solution for this problem. ", "We really enjoyed using the software for this event. If found the Remo to be very responsive with questions, and offered lots of training options. Commentaires: 0.001% – 0.2%. Like that the license is only attributed to the administrator - otherwise, many people can use the service without a designated license, as long as it doesn't exceed the limit set by your plan. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. View Drumheads.

", "Such as simultaneous presentations in different rooms, being able to leave a presentation and go to another and an internal master schedule. For over 60 years Remo has constantly and consistently broken new ground when it comes to industry firsts. Ever been frustrated at having multiple group chats?

Watch a demo of our Virtual Event Platform in 3 minutes. It was a great way to still hold an entertainment type event and keep the audience engaged and excited.

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