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Will play in the 2021 NHL Stadium Series and unveil new uniforms for the event. All NHL logos & team marks as well as all other proprietary materials posted here are the property of the NHL and the respective NHL teams and may not be reproduced without the permission of the NHL.

They will be switching to black as the primary colour of their home jerseys.

NEW: Their new logo was unveiled on September 18. The NHL and Adidas released a teaser video of the reverse retro jerseys for all 31 teams. NEW: A new throwback jersey is coming in 2020-21 (possibly their 2019 Winter Classic uniforms). What and when is still very much unconfirmed fodder. Washington Capitals | News, Analysis, Opinion, Washington Capitals First Round Picks Derailed by Injuries, Report: NHL’s Rumored “Reverse Retro” (Fourth Jersey) Series For Next Season Is Gaining Momentum, Number 12 For Two — Retro Recap: Washington Capitals vs Montreal Canadiens – November 15, 1997, Capitals Prospect Martin Hugo Haš Is Happy To Be Back At Work (Finally), Even If It’s Inside A “Bubble”, Evgeny Kuznetsov Opens Hockey Facility For Chelyabinsk School Children, Capitals Prospect Bobby Nardella Is Looking To Become The Fifth Member Of His U14 Team To Make NHL, Capitals Stanley Cup Run Was Fueled By Alex Ovechkin and Tom Wilson Playlists, Capitals Tease New “Reverse Retro” Jerseys Coming Soon, The Ivy League’s Cancelation Of The 2020-21 Hockey Season Leaves Capitals Goaltending Prospect Mitchell Gibson In A Tough Spot, Sabre Rattling – Retro Recap: Washington Capitals @ Buffalo Sabres – November 13, 1997, Hershey Bears Hire Emily Engel-Natke As Video Coach, Washington Capitals Promote Jared Elenberger to Video Coordinator in Washington, Report: It’s Looking More Likely That NHL Teams Will Play 2020-21 Season In Their Home Arenas. NEW: A 20th anniversary logo is expected in 2020-21. October 22, 2020 at 3:52 pm CDT | by Gavin Lee Leave a Comment. Uniform watchdog Icethetics on Monday reported on an eBay listing that led to images of new (yet to be announced) jerseys for the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins, with both jerseys hearkening back to what the clubs wore in the '80s and '90s. Uniform watchdog Icethetics yesterday "reported on an eBay listing that led to images of new (yet to ... Warriors Hope To Bring Back Fans With COVID Tests Before Games, Marlins Make History In Hiring Kim Ng As Club's Next GM, CFP Committee Has Discussed Possibility Of Pushing Back Dates, GM First Automaker Committing To Run Super Bowl LV Ads, Premier Lacrosse League Signs Bose As Latest Brand Partner, ESPN's "College GameDay" Ready For Unique Masters Broadcast, White Sox Sign Radio Deal With ESPN 1000 Chicago, Sources: NHL Prefers To Open '21 Season Inside Home Arenas, Goodell Allowed To Issue Huge Fines To Teams Violating Ownership Rules, Chargers-Dolphins Only Faceoff Between Black Head Coaches In '20, NASCAR's Peter Jung Talks Navigating Pandemic, Social Justice, F1 Hosting Eight W Series Races Alongside GP Events In '21, Fan Controlled Football League Announces Fan-Chosen Team Names, SBJ Unpacks: Ironman Group CEO Talks Pandemic Navigation, New GM Minasian Faces Tall Task In Turning Angels Around, Sharks Warn Of San Jose Exit Over Developments Near Arena, Tampa Seen As "Most Likely" Host For Raptors If Toronto Ruled Out, Nashville SC To Limit Fan Attendance For Play-In Match, Suns' New City Edition Uniform Pays Homage To "The Valley", The Perfect Look: Columnist Urges Dolphins To Embrace Throwbacks, Jaguars Planning More Development Around Stadium Beyond Lot J, Univ.

And these new designs fit that bill. NEW: Their black 2019 Winter Classic jersey is expected to return full-time as their third jersey in 2020-21. NEW: Their jersey crest will get a slight change to the outer striping in 2020-21 for a bolder look. Although the full details of the jerseys aren’t released, here is what is known so far for every team. These jerseys will only be worn 1-2 games a year against rivalry teams.

NEW: Seattle ended months of speculation when they revealed their name, the Kraken, and their new logos & jerseys on July 23rd. NHL Jersey, Hockey Jerseys Grab a new and authentic hockey jersey from the official online store of the NHL so you can watch every game in style while putting your team pride on display. NEW: Expected to add a new blue third jersey in 2020-21. REVERSE-RETRO: Detroit will be going with a directly inverted version of their red home jersey (white jersey with red stripes - no red sleeves).

Will host the 2021 NHL All-Star Game which will come with new All-Star Game uniforms and logos. The Official Sources of Puck Marks:,,,,,,, 2020 NHL NEW JERSEY, UNIFORM, LOGO NEWS & UPDATES. Buffalo Sabres Schedule, Roster, News, and Rumors | Die By The Blade, NHL and Adidas tease Reverse Retro jerseys, Report: Marcus Davidsson and Vaxjo agree to terminate contract, Sabres prospect Marcus Davidsson is on the hunt for a new team in Sweden, Buffalo Sabres Top 20 Prospects under 24, #16: Matej Pekar, Pekar the Pest: Czech forward may be ready for Rochester, Let’s talk about what’s going on in the world.. of the Sabres and the NHL, Buffalo Sabres Top 20 Under 24 Prospect Rankings, #17: Marcus Davidsson, Buffalo Sabres Top 20 Under 24 Prospect Rankings, #18: Matteo Costantini, Buffalo Sabres Top 20 Under 24 Prospect Rankings, #19: Jakub Konecny. There are no obvious signs of being counterfeit. NHL Shop has any style of hockey jersey you're looking for from the best brands, so look no further for the perfect jersey to wear to the next game or anytime of year. In this case, the 00 represents the year 2000. As noted above with regards to the new Flyers and Penguins jerseys, the idea of the new series will be to transpose primary colors of an earlier design. The league will be revealing all of the Reverse Retro jerseys on November 16th. Not to my surprise, I still think this jersey is the best in the NHL. (right) The reverse retro design (left), like their Pittsburgh rival, simply swaps the black and white of the original orange jersey. And it’s unlikely the league or teams will be looking to add additional costs to the bottom line this season when teams are already laying off workers and worrying about folding. The Flyers' and Penguins' jerseys from the ’80s and ’90s "appear to be on their way back, just not in the way you remember them," according to Nick Tricome of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. Grab a custom NHL jersey that features your favorite player's name and number or check out our selection of vintage hockey jerseys for a retro addition to your NHL wardrobe. Adidas put out a teaser video yesterday for all 31 teams.

Recent reports have suggested that teams will have special throwback jerseys … However, these jerseys aren’t typical retro jerseys. Going through the video, a few of the concepts could have been what the Buffalo Sabres will be unveiling. Will bring back their white throwback jersey for one game each year going forward.

Stay tuned. As far as other concepts go, there is never a shortage of general design ideas always being floated by designers on the web. NEW: Their new jerseys were unveiled on October 6th. Devils GM Tom Fitzgerald released a statement: Kulikov is an experienced, physical left-shot defenseman who skates well. NHL: Jonathan Becher says a photo of what a new San Jose Sharks third jersey will look like, similar to what the California Seals jersey looked like in the mid-1970s, is a fake

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