Switch them off to save frames. Menu cursor speed isn’t that important, so feel free to leave that how it is. ADS Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.0 – 1.5. Think about it, a low DPI will take much more effort than a flick of the wrist and will require movement of the arm to maneuver and loot throughout the map. Use this tool to convert mouse sensitivity from Apex Legends to another game. Meaning that unlike other pro shooters, console players actually have a chance to take on their PC counterparts. To remove the cap, head to the Origin Launcher and do the following: 1.

Yaw is 0.022°. Thanks to the limited sensitivity settings on PC, any in-game alterations on console — e.g., the PS4 or Xbox One — should give you a similar edge. Using ratio 1/x = 0.573423/0.818933027098955175, where x will be the ads sensitivity where the ads sensitivity and hipfire sensitivity will be 1:1 ratio.

Doing so will lead to greater on-screen fluidity and minimal latency. With a low DPI, it will indeed take more effort to move around in game.

And if need be, increase it gradually till you find a DPI sensitivity setting that is right for you. Meant to decrease the resolution to match your target frame rate, this setting only leads to jarring jumps in quality. For Apex Legends gamers who use 1000 DPI or Greater, these are the best mouse sensitivity, ADS multiplier, mouse acceleration, and mouse invert settings: Mouse Sensitivity: .5-2.5. This will cancel out the zoom scalar, but only for that one specific magnification. TLDR? Here are the best controller settings for most Apex players today. Turn it off to keep your gameplay consistent. Achieve a balance of performance and visual fidelity with the medium setting. Disable V-Sync to allow for uncapped frame rate and less input lag. Overall, the G Pro X is an excellent option for serious players seeking a high-quality upgrade at a reasonable price. It also gives you one less thing to worry about when trying to learn a new map or grapple with other unfamiliar or sudden changes in battle. Moreover, having a good mouse can play a huge role in how well you perform when gaming. You can match your mouse sensitivity between Apex Legends and another game by entering your in-game sensitivity above and choosing a target game. They are also quicker and touchier, even at the default settings. Keep this setting low. Based around Cherry MX Speed RGB switches, this keyboard promises faster inputs and tactile response to eliminate ghost presses and other keypress errors.

TLDR? While aiming down sight, you aren’t going to want to turn to much, so look to keep it below 25 percent of the slider. ADS Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.0 – 1.5. One thing to note is that ADS is not 1 to 1 with hip fire targeting. Otherwise, it won’t be controllable. Again, greater accuracy trumps movement speed. The Yaw Speed dictates how fast you turn to the left or right when you aren’t aiming down sight. Despite this, you’re going to want to enable both Target Compensation and Melee Compensation. With a slew of extra buttons, remappable bumpers, multi-functional triggers, and a quick control panel, you can remap button combos wherever and whenever you’d like. Inverted Look: Off. Cloud9 reportedly reaches agreement to acquire Perkz from G2 Esports, Riot to deploy League preseason balance hotfix for Viktor nerf, Kassadin buff, and a slew of items, G2 reportedly shopping Perkz to multiple teams, including Cloud9 and TSM, A number of League champs join the space fight with new Cosmic skins, including Skarner, Hecarim, Varus, and Nidalee, Respawn to make Apex's season 7 challenges easier and grant all players 10 free battle pass levels. Mouse Acceleration: Off.

This setting determines the contrast of shadows, much to the detriment of your CPU and GPU. Competitive battle royale titles have traditionally been dominated by PC gamers. Without these two enabled, it can be increasingly difficult to find a target before they find you.

What’s the point of a decked-out gaming mouse if you’re not gonna light ‘er up?

Set both the aspect ratio and resolution to native to automatically optimize your setup. Turn off for best results. Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen is a member of the legendary Team SoloMid (TSM) pro team. Right-click the game, 3. The response curve setting that’s best to choose is the classic setting. We are all different both physically and mentally, therefore it is best that you take the time to tweak and play around with the sensitivity settings of Apex Legends using the contents of this guide. By shifting the sensitivity to 4 or 5, you retain enough speed for quick movement while retaining accuracy.

Additionally, you’ll have full control over RGB customization across singular keys and a wealth of lighting effects. Remember that the best way to optimize is focusing on a balance of visual clarity and performance.

The faster your movement, the faster the mouse moves. One of these is your controller setup. Get to the high ground. This ads sensitivity works for Iron Sights mainly, it feels the same on holographic scopes but on the acog scopes (x2 x4) and sniper x6 or x4-x8 and x4-x10, it feels that my sensitivity is halved or more. Having the same range of movement and aiming that you are used to in a new game, or a game that you don’t play as often, makes it much easier to adjust to a new set of mechanics. The remaining settings in ALC can all be slid completely off since they aren’t going to be important unless you need to suit a specific style. However, a higher DPI may actually be better for some players, but we recommend that you start off with a lower DPI of 400 or 800. There’s discussion as to whether the Anisotropic 2x or Bilinear filter setting is the right choice, but a majority of pros use the former. These are some of the simplest and most effective changes that can be made to improve performance. -Warren Spector. EA has listed the minimum system requirements necessary to run Apex Legends, as well as recommended requirements for those looking to play competitively. The calculator itself is simple to use. Mouse acceleration sounds like an ideal firefight solution, but it will actually disrupt your playstyle.


Interestingly enough, Apex is one of those titles where many pros find greater success with a controller. Keeping the dead zone to a minimum is going to be important since most players won’t be able to control it.

It comes equipped with dedicated media controls, a braided fiber cable, and the ability to host a USB pass-through port, to name just a few features. Our top pick is…, Manufacturer: Corsair | Type: Wireless | Switches: Cherry MX Speed | Styles: 3 | Price: .

Like on PC, the console colorblind mode is not customizable and should be turned off unless you absolutely need it. Expand the FOV to 110 to achieve a wider field of view and gain greater peripheral vision.

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