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Thank you for following me on Youtube for the last 10 years! I personally don't care if the brand changes, I just want to watch his covers. I must get out of the agency as soon as possible and start building my own studio within my own budget and manage Animenz myself. And I also just reached more than 1.7 Million subscribers this month!

2020 was truly the “revival” of Animenz. He began piano lessons at the age of 5 and by the age of six he entered and won his first competition. Animenz anime piano cover and sheet music Chanel : And don't forget, I love you all. And obviously, I will never make the same mistake again by signing a contract without consulting a lawyer to review it. I was under a huge pressure to succeed, to break even the cost. With the recording studio, I was able to produce more piano videos than ever before - just in time to commemorate my 10th anniversary as Animenz.

But the more I work with them, the more I realized that the management has been making many questionable decisions and did not implement any long-term plans how to develop my channel. In his Butterfly cover he wrote: " This is it, everyone! So here I am now, currently moving to a new place and dealing with a huge mountain of debt, caused by the incompetent management agency. After playing around a little bit, we still had a few hours left before he had to go back to London again, so we decided to record an improvised piano duet. Uploads from Animenz Piano Sheets Animenz Piano Sheets; 150 videos; 3,119,861 views; Last updated on Oct 27, 2019 All we can do is hope that he comes back from this, even if it means having to make a new channel and start over. Never mind guys, Animenzzz will repost his post in a few hours as he wanted to "refine" it.

I just wish it didn’t have to end like this. Animenz was without a doubt one of my favorite and one of the best pianists. I am really sorry for disappointing so many fans here with this depressing update, but I think that's ultimately the life of an artist. A few minutes ago, Animenz posted for the last time in the Community tab and the post got deleted the next minute so I'm just spreading the word : I will get straight to the point: Animenz is dead. With all that said, there were also a few good things during my time with the management. He began piano lessons at the age of 5 and by the age of six he entered and won his first competition. A good lesson to learn, don't sign anything by trusting anyone when it comes to business, you need to be fully informed.

It is a fairly hopeless situation and it really looks like this is the end for Animenz. I remember reading this the day it came out and it truly saddens me to think about it.

I didn’t have any administrative power back then so the only thing I could do was just wait for the management’s response. [notice: this message does not apply for Animenz in China and my Bilibili channel, since it's under a different management and it's still safe].

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