[名] ①作物/収穫物 ②収穫高 ③(一度に生じる)群れ ④短く刈り込んだ髪 ⑤(鳥などの)素嚢(そのう) wash love 訳:あなたの助言のおかげで、私はその問題を解決できた。, [例文] practice   [名] ①機会/好機 ②出世[昇進/向上]の機会, ◇51 influence eat try stay

(私は、時々  タクシーに乗ります。), I  want to take some books home.   [動] 《他》 ①~を短く刈り込む/切り取る ②~を収穫する/刈り入れる ③~に植え付ける, ◇179 significant (私は、毎週日曜日にはプールで泳ぎます。), I want to swim in the sea. (契約の秘密についてはおいらはしゃべらないよ。), 「直感(力)」という意味のintutionは「紅の豚」でのフィオとポルコの会話を通して覚えます, (フィオ)But tell me what you think it takes to make a pilot great? と言いますが、このような公の場で言う必要のない表現も試験問題には出ません。他人をからかったり、ばかにする表現も試験問題には出ません。例えば、「耳をすませば」にはdenseやcorny、「魔女の宅急便」にはweird、「ハウルの動く城」にはtacky、「涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱」にはpatheticやwackyといった口語表現がよく出てきますが大学受験問題にこれらの単語が出ることはまずありません。また、地域特有の英語表現も試験には出ません。例えば、アメリカではワンルームの部屋をstudioと言いますが、このようなアメリカ以外では使われない表現も入試問題には出ません。このように本講座では入試問題に出てこない英単語を扱いません。, ※派生語の罠たいていの英単語集は1,500語程度の見出し語とその派生語を収録していますが、派生語の大半はいちいち覚えようとしなくても意味を簡単に推測できます。例えば、動詞に-mentをつけたら名詞になり、形容詞に-lyをつけたら副詞になるといったルールを知ってさえいればinvestmentは「投資する」のinvestの名詞形なので「投資」という意味であり、largelyはlargeが副詞になったものと容易に推測がつきます。本講座ではこのような意味の推測が簡単な派生語を重視していません。動詞に-tionがつけばその動詞が名詞化したもの(e.g., prohibit→prohibition)、動詞に-edがつけばその動詞が形容詞化したもの(e.g., employ→employed)、名詞に-erがつけば抽象名詞が普通名詞化したもの(e.g., geography→geographer)はいちいち説明しなくても簡単に単語の意味を推測できます。そのため派生語については、頻出度の高いもののみを収録しています。, 現在市販されている英単語集の中で、ネイティブが読んでも不自然に感じないちゃんとした例文を載せてあるのはDUO3.0くらいなものです。ほかは英文が不自然、文章がつまらない、英作文に応用が利かない、英語の総合力がつかない、フレーズしか載せていないのにそれを「例文」と称する等々、問題だらけの例文ばかり載せています。, 1番の問題点は、例文を読んで英単語を思い出せるように工夫されていないことです。語学学習はできるだけ母国語の介入を避けるのが望ましいので、英単語を覚える場合も、「日本語の意味から英単語を思い出す」というやり方は望ましくありません。しかし、既存の英単語集は例文がついていても、その例文の和訳を読まないと英単語を思い出せないようになっています。例えば、文ではなくフレーズしか載せていない「システム英単語」では「~を考慮する」という意味のconsiderには, consider the problem seriously  真剣にその問題を考える, というフレーズだけしか載っていません。considerの箇所だけ隠し、_____ the problem seriously というフレーズだけ見ても到底、下線に入る単語がconsiderであると思い浮かべることはできません。「英単語ターゲット1900」には以下の例文が載っています。, Why does the Government consider those refugees illegal? (私は夜にテレビドラマを見ません。), Let's watch a dram after dinner. 訳:運転免許証やパスポートなどの身分証を提出しなければならない。, [例文] 訳:その会社の年次総会は来週行われる。, [例文] (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); TOEICテストに出る「1812単語」をTOEIC990点のエキスパートが精選、そして翻訳家のチームで単語の意味と例文を作成し、TOEICスコアと品詞でグループ分けを行い、英単語一覧としてまとめました。, この単語一覧では TOEIC受験予定の皆様それぞれが目指すTOEICスコアレベルの英単語を、効率よく学習することができます。英単語と例文にはアメリカ人女性によるナレーション(音声ファイル)が付いています。, attire, transcript, courier, appraisal, remedy, auditor, intuition, tenure, ordinance, consignment, jargon, epicenter, facade, turnaround, craftsmanship, benchmark, constraint, stimulus, surcharge, dealership, workload, friction, trustee, outlay, infringement, indicator, forefront, conglomerate, stockholder, storeroom, demographic, inauguration, glitch, compartment, contingency, influx, acclaimed, outdated, interim, advantageous, imminent, stringent, negligible, insolvent, superficial, unprecedented, bustling, inclement, entail, induct, waive, downsize, lapse, concur, quadruple, vacate, culminate, repeal, underscore, accrue, trainee, deregulation, proponent, semiconductor, workmanship, misconduct, bailout, cutback, countermeasure, standstill, upturn, stalemate, preliminary, unreliable, saturated, dire, stagnant, apprehensive, biannual, unauthorized, acting, viable, bureaucratic, unforeseeable, arouse, commemorate, abound, adjourn, redeem, obligate, demote, collate, gratify, replenish, telecommute, depreciate, subtotal, expressway, remuneration, pesticide, nosedive, upsurge, ambience, fundraising, photocopier, consulate, acumen, backlog, miscellaneous, insightful, sustainable, interpersonal, supplementary, vulnerable, definitive, unsolicited, inaugural, eminent, unrivaled, prolific, levy, facilitate, withstand, differentiate, delegate, aggravate, itemize, invigorate, refute, dilute, liquidate, jeopardize, overhaul, rectify, replicate, deplete, solicit, attest, plummet, scrutinize, supersede, revitalize, stipulate, overcharge, synthetic, sluggish, nominal, astounding, imperative, obsolete, outgoing, treacherous, overcrowded, meticulous, ubiquitous, exemplary, brokerage, oversight, sequel, gratuity, proximity, prerequisite, disclaimer, advent, referral, cornerstone, nominee, landlord, railing, deduction, grievance, demeanor, layover, perk, severance, catalyst, disparity, reprimand, consortium, repository, premium, portfolio, gala, occupancy, inception, affiliation, hype, credential, delegation, crate, paycheck, outage, volatile, rigorous, honorary, nationwide, feasible, impending, lucrative, marginal, proprietary, visionary, avid, protracted, streamline, diversify, revolutionize, deter, hamper, abide, refurbish, ensue, garner, subside, bolster, dismantle, fluctuate, brainstorm, rebound, proofread, familiarize, economize, diagnose, eradicate, expedite, abate, amass, exemplify, prospective, scenic, sleek, pointless, intriguing, objectionable, resourceful, abridged, strenuous, poised, unwavering, understaffed, professionally, notably, allegedly, hereby, principally, intentionally, concurrently, indefinitely, exponentially, markedly, spontaneously, sparsely, refundable, nonprofit, managerial, optimal, astute, cumulative, unattended, perishable, immaculate, ergonomic, commensurate, pivotal, dual, versatile, ingenious, repetitive, unparalleled, pristine, impromptu, cramped, pioneering, commendable, requisite, contentious, veterinarian, momentum, proprietor, persistence, payroll, liaison, patronage, shortcoming, blueprint, deliberation, periodical, purveyor, flop, personalize, reiterate, reinstate, outweigh, redecorate, retrain, squander, amalgamate, demoralize, admonish, undercharge, accountable, emerging, herbal, impeccable, elevated, intuitive, detrimental, assorted, adept, tentative, courteous, irate, notification, mural, promenade, expiration, beneficiary, keynote, hectare, doctorate, foreman, plight, outcry, alumna, undercut, elicit, televise, forge, tarnish, exacerbate, necessitate, publicize, inundate, allude, downplay, outstrip, assortment, outset, impetus, flurry, malaise, evasion, refinery, blunder, pier, norm, fume, stockbroker, botanical, mounting, culinary, charitable, underway, intermittent, communal, pertinent, explanatory, secretarial, fruitless, ailing, alumnus, malpractice, foray, excerpt, terminology, bylaw, burnout, custodian, connoisseur, misconception, austerity, foothold, decor, memorabilia, centerpiece, porcelain, audit, flagship, walkway, facet, philanthropy, cubicle, boardroom, benefactor, encompass, deviate, fuse, envision, impede, abstain, counteract, overrun, plagiarize, dispel, infer, stagnate, unforeseen, flawless, eclectic, manageable, slick, lax, makeshift, outright, incumbent, staunch, tacit, inept, refund, predecessor, closure, respondent, finding, expertise, hierarchy, specification, subsidiary, subordinate, downturn, breakthrough, notify, enhance, verify, discontinue, finalize, allot, compile, discard, embark, abolish, curb, deteriorate, overview, appliance, quota, internship, reunion, flaw, coincidence, premiere, rebate, vicinity, discrepancy, overpass, ongoing, complimentary, preceding, mandatory, dedicated, void, straightforward, adjacent, negotiable, indispensable, binding, unanimous, net, stunning, clerical, eligible, adjoining, diverse, municipal, confidential, authentic, fiscal, renowned, invalid, luxurious, hazardous, pharmaceutical, courtesy, functional, invaluable, prolonged, provisional, intact, legitimate, obligatory, shrewd, handout, auditorium, pharmacy, gadget, installment, merger, morale, recipient, apprentice, freight, setback, amenity, existing, innovative, concise, successive, administrative, metropolitan, intensive, furnished, durable, informative, adverse, prestigious, venue, inventory, priority, debtor, vendor, duration, outskirts, autobiography, courtyard, logistics, usage, vocation, fraud, gauge, hygiene, novice, annex, curator, turbulence, standpoint, fluctuation, creditor, detour, subcontractor, interact, comply, incorporate, reinforce, terminate, allocate, empower, plunge, prolong, penalize, revoke, mishandle, extended, classified, continuous, forthcoming, neighboring, prevalent, consecutive, ample, ecological, affluent, devastating, cordial, query, banner, transit, startup, visibility, testimonial, disruption, boulevard, plumber, tariff, blizzard, transplant, submission, bulk, consensus, itinerary, turnout, deficit, prototype, ventilation, usher, podium, malfunction, sewage, incur, oversee, disregard, reimburse, designate, refrain, halve, dispense, encrypt, subsidize, outnumber, withhold, shareholder, treasurer, collision, gymnasium, drawback, heritage, electrician, telecommunication, pollutant, niche, array, hypothesis, inclusive, lengthy, notable, disposable, compatible, quarterly, preventive, advisory, statistical, abrupt, periodic, integral, resignation, exemption, generator, runway, enthusiast, semester, briefing, teller, misuse, fad, intermission, janitor, deduct, cater, thrive, reorganize, divert, endorse, modernize, adhere, unload, hinder, unveil, commend, driven, minimal, sturdy, preferable, inactive, picturesque, exquisite, skeptical, exempt, misleading, stranded, zealous, respectively, subsequently, ultimately, individually, immensely, nonetheless, repeatedly, simultaneously, permanently, beforehand, dramatically, reluctantly, advocate, integrate, aspire, validate, administer, alleviate, underestimate, speculate, standardize, reconsider, unplug, unpack, trademark, pricing, attachment, showcase, entrepreneur, negligence, bookkeeping, slump, precaution, congestion, restructuring, layoff, retrieve, highlight, stabilize, affiliate, tailor, remodel, complement, rave, revert, recur, subtract, improvise, electronics, suite, directory, landmark, voucher, mileage, billboard, buyout, livelihood, utensil, takeover, detergent, strategic, breathtaking, committed, varied, introductory, certified, aspiring, dependable, reliant, hardworking, matching, hesitant, biotechnology, intern, bulletin, archive, entity, maternity, hazard, discretion, justification, similarity, additive, leverage, activate, opt, sew, simulate, sever, mow, expel, obstruct, inflate, enact, misplace, clinch, warranty, invoice, outlook, warehouse, questionnaire, extension, turnover, compensation, supervisor, brochure, agenda, patent, proceed, undertake, expire, supervise, soar, renovate, commute, enroll, evaluate, donate, minimize, outsource, fundamental, magnificent, intermediate, harsh, enthusiastic, dominant, astonishing, diligent, instrumental, knowledgeable, outbound, utmost, shift, coworker, stationery, applicant, beverage, merchandise, technician, consequence, attendee, mentor, commodity, fertilizer, analyst, publisher, modification, cancellation, advertiser, copyright, distributor, funding, remainder, citizenship, comprehension, masterpiece, supplier, retailer, participant, edition, accommodation, popularity, corridor, capability, specialty, productivity, memorandum, pharmacist, vacant, specific, disappointing, qualified, fluent, crucial, upcoming, automated, bankrupt, affordable, favorable, residential, resolve, upgrade, cease, impose, eliminate, compel, delete, boost, entitle, comprise, simplify, conform, feedback, physician, immigration, monopoly, receptionist, aptitude, utility, banquet, hospitality, biography, apparel, transition, liable, novel, prominent, inexpensive, protective, alternate, adequate, voluntary, confusing, competent, cautious, mutual, stall, aisle, harvest, allowance, dividend, gratitude, subsidy, apparatus, overhead, cuisine, insight, attorney, workplace, identification, tag, completion, takeoff, founder, interpreter, trash, hallway, immigrant, tenant, ambassador, obstacle, acquaintance, accomplishment, conservation, surgeon, applause, peer, impulse, prosperity, counterpart, hardship, ethic, researcher, revision, shipment, successor, confirmation, expansion, coverage, collector, motivation, proceeding, manuscript, remittance, experienced, external, monetary, comparable, waterproof, accustomed, bilingual, worthless, businesslike, conditional, ethical, gloomy, situated, unlimited, enjoyable, structural, dental, worthwhile, distinctive, handcrafted, inbound, unforgettable, tedious, undoubted, newsletter, recreation, spokesperson, subscription, booklet, buffet, diagnosis, cafeteria, carpenter, appetizer, denial, demerit, basement, leaflet, souvenir, vegetarian, viewpoint, publication, fabric, diploma, lecturer, editorial, excursion, rainfall, dispatch, specify, browse, refine, maximize, immigrate, accommodate, excel, reassure, accelerate, initiate, detach, format, accuracy, administrator, patron, dismissal, alert, calculator, conductor, librarian, distraction, councilor, dean, significantly, undoubtedly, relatively, reasonably, regardless, furthermore, consequently, willingly, partially, typically, unexpectedly, formally, shipping, exterior, infrastructure, innovation, contractor, intersection, workforce, commuter, expenditure, freeway, paperwork, checkup, automotive, wholesale, beneficial, challenging, faulty, spacious, optimistic, humid, payable, inefficient, proficient, hectic, surpass, attain, conserve, accumulate, amend, demolish, duplicate, optimize, prescribe, consolidate, contaminate, skyrocket, celebrity, wildlife, auction, condominium, liability, dock, breakdown, vacancy, emission, tuition, lawsuit, luncheon, thrilled, rigid, anonymous, fabulous, defective, foremost, negligent, developed, applicable, nonstop, premier, pending, implement, customize, collaborate, commence, attribute, summarize, clarify, procure, coincide, safeguard, intensify, emigrate, deadline, property, extent, colleague, headquarters, overtime, vehicle, component, personnel, procedure, defect, agriculture, competitive, secondhand, valid, thorough, corporate, exclusive, fake, urgent, modest, punctual, substantial, prosperous, construction, reputation, inconvenience, strategy, atmosphere, exhibition, outcome, impact, retail, architect, sector, 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sidewalk, sightseeing, outing, belonging, foresight, orientation, profile, execute, yield, omit, staple, coordinate, embrace, dispose, strive, negotiate, originate, overwhelm, additional, automatic, direct, reasonable, suitable, effective, overseas, maximum, alternative, capable, economical, outstanding, promote, delay, conduct, submit, approve, release, attach, import, resign, exchange, appoint, renew, contract, industry, employee, form, conference, profit, receipt, committee, management, material, income, quantity, manufacturer, decade, consumer, budget, candidate, demand, debt, insurance, quarter, crew, output, scholarship, annual, financial, actual, initial, efficient, senior, temporary, overall, technical, ideal, domestic, electronic, indicate, replace, process, retire, export, contribute, launch, reject, found, celebrate, recruit, decline, quality, suggestion, device, engineering, entry, background, assistant, wage, facility, function, influence, aircraft, qualification, stock, revenue, foundation, means, policy, progress, agency, measure, draft, reference, pedestrian, corporation, equipment, survey, estimate, article, package, interview, fee, clerk, announcement, lecture, expert, proposal, method, executive, quote, negotiation, capital, complaint, uniform, departure, climate, factor, institution, employ, repair, earn, purchase, develop, inform, arrange, supply, review, advertise, expand, apologize, client, document, bill, advertisement, tourist, performance, employment, duty, appointment, promotion, expense, emergency, affect, participate, last, improve, afford, operate, attract, establish, double, recall, host, adopt, transfer, predict, seek, owe, elect, obtain, chair, divide, consult, extend, criticize, translate, application, presentation, advantage, error, statement, damage, delivery, producer, solution, exit, charity, dozen, aim, fire, distribute, organize, depend, invest, examine, adjust, load, hesitate, survive, encounter, advertising, objective, achievement, experiment, restriction, storage, reception, journal, interior, governor, faculty, incentive, international, due, previous, further, successful, satisfied, responsible, limited, advanced, essential, unemployed, reliable, report, purpose, break, discount, degree, goods, tax, invitation, government, responsibility, baggage, possibility, available, expensive, local, pleased, current, former, extra, convenient, similar, crowded, rapid, manual, contact, require, achieve, expect, increase, apply, attend, complete, hire, accept, charge, reduce, instruction, benefit, fund, environment, neighborhood, advance, capacity, certificate, reform, administration, caution, symptom, average, regular, basic, official, absent, modern, missing, confident, huge, accurate, entire, global, discuss, decrease, deliver, book, request, object, investigate, alter, assemble, cooperate, settle, consist, marketing, finance, access, competition, investment, demonstration, inspection, legislation, critic, penalty, barrier, clause, extremely, approximately, occasionally, frequently, fortunately, properly, originally, altogether, seldom, constantly, apparently, aboard, nearby, solar, incredible, elementary, superb, dependent, enormous, ambitious, fierce, widespread, elaborate, steep, electrical, influential, mechanical, massive, routine, nuclear, concentrated, definite, subtle, overwhelming, tremendous, upward, element, crisis, commitment, guidance, inquiry, pioneer, opposition, acre, discrimination, sacrifice, banker, novelist, amateur, satellite, congress, merchant, cathedral, obligation, packet, premise, hike, criterion, endeavor, downside, opening, attraction, consent, perspective, characteristic, resistance, electricity, genius, criticism, upside, nationality, historian, monitor, stress, illustrate, declare, preserve, dominate, conclude, assure, urge, equip, occupy, compose, range, track, compete, secure, transform, restore, deserve, construct, fulfill, imply, persuade, endure, 下記のリンクでは、「TOEICに出る 英熟語一覧」を公開しています。この熟語一覧では、TOEIC受験予定の皆様それぞれが目指すTOEICスコアレベル(400~899点)の英熟語を、効率よく学習することができます。, TOEIC単語一覧 公式スマホアプリをリリースしました。下記のリンクから無料でダウンロードできます。, 「TOEICによく出る単語一覧」は数名の制作スタッフで多くの時間をかけ、細心の注意を払いながら作成しています。, しかし万が一、TOEIC英単語の内容に不備などがございましたら、ご指摘いただけると大変助かります。, 下記のリンクページでは、「TOEICによく出る単語一覧」の制作スタッフの一人を紹介しています。, TOEICを始めて受験する場合、何をどのように勉強をすれば良いか迷うこともあると思います。特にTOEICの受験経験がない皆様にはTOEICに出る英単語を覚える勉強をお勧めします。語彙を増やす作業はTOEICのスコアアップに効果的です。, 英単語の語彙を増やすには反復練習が必要です。この反復練習で単語学習用のスマホアプリやオンラインアプリを利用すると、効率よく行うことができます。英単語アプリにはゲーム的な要素もあるので、リラックスして学習を進めることができます。更にバスや電車での移動中にも使えて大変便利です。, 下記のリンクのまとめ記事では、日本国内の主なオンライン英単語テストのWebサイトが紹介してあります。, ・大阪梅田の英語学校 PHILLIP JAMES

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